Boomer’s Story

12800332_10153429237741299_5713154843437414443_nBoomer was our fosters ten month old fully vaccinated dog that passed away from parvo on March 4th. How does a vaccinated dog get parvo? This is a very rare case of either a vaccine fail or it is possible that Boomer may have had maternal antibodies that interfered with his vaccines.

An explanation of how vaccines work by clicking here

As a rescue that concentrates on puppies, unfortunately we will always have to deal with parvo. For the most part, our outcome is positive but there are some we have lost, including Boomer. Early parvo detection can be life saving. Signs to look for in your puppy are lethargy, loss of appetite, bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Please note that all symptoms may not be present. Hospitalization is recommended but extremely expensive. Some veterinarians will do home support and give you the supplies you need for home treatment. We rely exclusively on Antioch Vet (10th Street and Deer Valley) in Antioch. This is an affordable way to treat parvo at home and the vet techs can train you how to do the treatment. For outside the area, you may call vets to see if they are willing to do home treatment. Home treatment consists of Sub Q fluids administered under the skin, antibiotic injections and anti nausea injections. Please contact us if you think you need advice or help. 12321580_10153429237621299_2624215438574015390_n

Losing foster puppies is always horrible for us but losing a personal pup to parvo has been devastating and we hope no one else ever goes thru something like this. We are now recommending a fourth vaccine past the 16 week mark, at about 18 weeks to be sure that there are no maternal antibodies left. We are hoping that Boomers tragic story will save the life of just one pup and hopefully more.

If Boomer’s story has touched you to help in someway you may donate to Boomer’s medical expenses by clicking here