Application Process: You must have an approved application on file in order to meet our dogs. With the high volume of applications we receive, we may not be able to respond to you unless your application is approved. Applications are not first come first serve, we are seeking the right home for each foster dog. Once an application is approved and a meet and greet is set up, we put the dog on a hold until that meet and greet. We do not allow potential adopters to compete for a dog. If the meet and greet goes smoothly, we generally do the adoption. We do allow a refundable two week trial period, where we hold your method of payment until you notify us that the adoption went smoothly. This is an all volunteer organization, we have no staff, no shelter and no phone number to call, communication will be done by email only, unless the foster parent prefers to communicate by phone. Thank you for your understanding.

Ozzies Pound Puppies is an all breed dog rescue based in Concord, CA. Our volunteers are committed to rescuing unwanted and abandoned dogs from the public and from shelters. You can help make a difference for a shelter dog by fostering, adopting, volunteering or donating.

Every day, hundreds of dogs are euthanized in shelters across the nation. City and county shelters are overrun with stray and surrendered dogs and have run out of space, this is why they have to euthanize dogs. Dogs are only given a short time to be adopted and then they get put down. Our Rescue will take in dogs that have run out of time at the shelter and find homes for them, thus freeing up shelter space and finding adoptable dogs a new family.

In Memory of Boomer


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